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Pastry for Beginners Cookbook


  • Baking beautifully golden, buttery pastries from scratch may seem intimidating―but all it takes is a tasty recipe and some trustworthy guidance. This pastry cookbook is for the home baker who wants to up their baking skills with picture-perfect pastries.


Become a pastry aficionado with this all-in-one pastry cookbook.

This pastry cookbook includes step-by-steps and photos for fundamental dough-making techniques, like blind baking pie dough, kneading soft yeasted bread, laminating and airy puff pastry, and piping a light choux pastry; as well as dozens of recipes for flaky and flavorful sweet and savory pastries.

This pastry cookbook includes:

  • Knead-to-know―An overview covers pastry terminology, essential equipment, and ingredients, as well as tips for prepping and handling your dough.
  • Dough not ‘doh’―Become an expert on pastry-making with easy-to-follow master dough recipes, as well as troubleshooting for any pastry problems.
  • Pastry perfected―Try your hand at mouthwatering recipes for tarts, turnovers, eclairs, and more.