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Photography for Beginners


  • Photography for beginners is an audiobook directed to anyone who is interested in learning how to take amazing photographs. It can be used whether you take photos as a hobby, as an aspiring professional photographer, or if you’ve simply never picked up a camera in your life.


This audiobook highlights the main concepts required to consciously start taking great photographs. Everything is explained simply to make them useful for both complete beginners and already initiated photographers.

Everything from exposure to correct use, as well as care and maintenance of your digital camera, will be explained in this audiobook. It should provide the beginner photographer with solid knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of photography. Not only are the technical ideas explained in Photography for Beginners, but an overview of the philosophy and understanding of photography as an art form will be discussed. Even the idea of photography as a profession and a means for expression is given in this audiobook. Photographic genres, composition, and basic post-processing are explained as well to give you a rounded understanding of the art of photography in all its beauty.